Let this forum serve as a place to praise the one and only living God; His Son Jesus Christ, who brought life through His work on the cross; our helper – the loving Spirit of God, who both lives in us and works through us; and to help us always remember ……….

First is the Kingdom of God!


3 Responses to About

  1. rose metz says:

    Amen, and what a wonderful sight. thank u for caring so much that the world can learn the wisdom and wonders of our good lord. thank u sam jr. 😉

  2. yoh says:

    …the blessing is in you my son…i am so grateful and blessed to be just a part of your life and growth in your relationship…not only are you my vessel sent by God; but you are now reaching out to others…thank you son; and i praise You Jesus, i praise the power and the glory you have released in my son…Amen

  3. yoh says:

    …i am truly blessed to watch this revelation…and share a small part of this young man’s life and journey…not only are you a vessel to me personally; your writin’ s encourage my daily and moment of growth…and now i witness with the Grace and Love of our Lord Jesus; that you are reachin’ out to others…i am truly truly blessed, i thank you Sam Jr for everything you have shared; for your patience, for your wisdom and love…and i Praise You Lord Jesus, the one and only that i am here to share the spritual growth and sharin’ of this fine young man…”continue in your growth” my son…as you continually tell me…”No one loves us as much as Our Lord”…Amen

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